Discover the value of Trackit for your Oil & Gas sector

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Reduce Costs

We guarantee that if Trackit does not reduce your bottom line and demonstrate significant value to you in the first year then the second year is free!

Trackit is proven to reduce the costs associated with planning, scheduling and managing the movement of personnel and freight to your production & exploration sites. It does this by:

  • Sharing these costs with your suppliers & partners by allowing them to self-administer their activities directly into the system
  • Eliminating the need for IT infrastructure or the involvement of IT staff
  • Allowing you to choose and pay only for the functions you require and use
  • Reducing the amount of human resources required to administer your personnel records, flight scheduling and rig management through high levels of automation
  • Avoiding double handling through collaboration
  • Capturing efficiencies such as the utilisation of helicopter seats, containers & cabins
  • Providing real-time reports that automate many manual processes such as exposure levels, helicopter flying times, expiring competencies, catering requirements
  • Helping you to avoid costly mistakes such as inadequate Rig competencies, unavailability of key personnel, delays in flights or production/exploration

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Enhanced Functionality

Trackit is packed full of powerful features designed to make life easier for those who use it. Although feature rich, the system is presented in a minimalistic way to users creating a comfortable experience. Many of these features are automated to streamline your processes.

Some of the key features include:

  • The ability to set automated alerts of reminders/reports by SMS or email based on activities and events (such as automatically notifying passengers on a flight that it has been moved or that they have been bumped)
  • Drag & drop, or point & click technology
  • Real time data using Signal R
  • Automatic allocation of personnel to POB based on a flight arrival
  • Automatic tracking of competency compliance
  • The management of qualifications and compliance
  • Automated Payload management
  • The ability to track drug testing
  • RFID gateways for inter-platform movements
  • The ability to track cleaning, maintenance and allocation of survival suits
  • Self check-in touch screens if required
  • Weight tracking of personnel and cargo
  • The ability to easily manage bumped passengers
  • A "My Trackit" App to allow users to view pertinent travel information whilst on the move
  • The ability to set up recurring flights
  • The ability to group personnel for ease of allocating (i.e. create a Crew-Change group that includes 10 personnel that can be selected as 1 x group instead of 10 individual personnel)
  • Filtering that is based on labels associated with each personnel (i.e. by company, surname, group, bumped, etc.)
  • Helicopter maintenance planning that allows helicopter outages to be included in the scheduling calendar
  • Emergency roles are able to be allocated to each personnel prior to arrival
  • Muster stations are able to be allocated to each personnel prior to arrival
  • Cabins, beds and shifts are able to be allocated to each personnel prior to arrival
  • Cloud document storage/management, similar to popular products like Dropbox is available
  • The ability to allocate Cost-Codes system wide

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Improve Visibility

Trackit provides one version of the truth to an unlimited number of users who can be logged in simultaneously.

Anyone with the appropriate permissions can access the system, via a web browser, on any device such as desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, anywhere in the world.

This means you can:

  • Provide access to suppliers, other companies sharing resources, various members of your business regardless of their location or function
  • See in real-time exactly where people/assets are, both for real-time monitoring and planning
  • Produce reports on all activity being managed by the system. All data collected by the system can be reported on, either through bespoke reports, elegant dashboards, or alerts written specifically for user needs, or by providing data exports or API's to the data
  • Provide early warning of expiring competencies to prevent accidental bookings of personnel & assets that are unlikely to be compliant for the purpose they are being allocated to
  • Have visibility into activities that were previously hidden, or were only available through manual manipulation

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Easy to Use

Trackit is built in conjunction with the Oil & Gas industry by a professional team of web designers/developers that have a strong track record in delivering solutions highly focussed on usability.

The system is based on a web/user perspective rather than an engineering solution meaning that the system fits you, rather than you being required to fit it. This results in less training being required and quickly allows your organisation to self-train new staff. Navigating the system is a click or "drag & drop" easy and intuitive process.

Being a fully integrated, collaborative system there is no reliance on spreadsheets or other documents being emailed around and you only need to know how to access the internet to use it. No other application knowledge is required. Unlike spreadsheets the system cannot be broken.

A key feature of the usability built into Trackit is that the system does not prevent you from carrying out tasks. Instead it warns you and provides the opportunity for you to acknowledge the warning and continue, albeit simultaneously creating an audit trail of the action. For example, this means that you could allocate a person onto a flight even though the system has warned you that their Bosiet will be expiring while they are offshore, as you might be aware that they will be updating their Bosiet prior to travelling.

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Cloud Based - (SaaS)

Trackit is based in the Cloud on the second largest hosting platform in the world, Microsoft Azure.

This provides you:

  • High levels of security
  • Redundancy (multiple servers/geographic locations)
  • A proven platform (current uptime since the system was livened 4 years ago is 99.999%)
  • Support from both the Microsoft & Trackit development teams
  • The robustness of Microsoft technologies which are proven globally and are recognised & accepted as a dependable platform

And that means:

  • Users only require a web browser for access (this might be a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device)
  • You do not require your IT department to be involved
  • No IT infrastructure is required
  • Your solution is scalable - i.e. 1 instance or 100. The system can increase or decrease based on your requirements and is not limited
  • You only pay for what you use
  • Your system is able to be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You receive continual access to product upgrades, hassle free

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Improve Compliance & Auditing

The system keeps an audit trail of every event/action carried out system wide. This means that that you are able to interrogate all activity managed by the system, either through bespoke reports or by way of data exports or API's, regardless of where you are located.

Because the system is online and operates in real-time there is one version of the truth that eliminates the risk of errors from having multiple data sources/locations and offline transactions (i.e. spreadsheets being emailed around).

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Cloud based software is extremely scalable and able to be deployed quickly. This means that you can quickly & easily create a new campaign, regardless of size, duration or location. You only pay for what you use based on the modules you require and the amount of activity.

Global or regional licensing is available depending on your requirements, the choice is yours.

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